New Video Channel

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I created a  new category on this site to collect a number of YouTube videos that you may find interesting. This channel will include interviews of group members, live cell imaging experiments, conference sessions etc. Check it out.

Synthetic Biology Products and Applications


The Synthetic Biology Project of the Wilson Center has just released a directory of Synthetic Biology Products and Applications. This is another great community resource that will make it easier for all stakeholders to get a better vision of existing and upcoming synthetic biology products. This is a great complement to the Synthetic Biology Map. Todd […]

Systems and Synthetic Biology


Since 2000, biomedical research has undergone a deep renewal with the emergence of two new research specialties named systems biology and synthetic biology. What is systems biology? Systems biology aims at understanding global properties of networks of molecular interactions that control physiological and developmental processes. Systems biologists apply mathematical modeling approaches to large data sets […]

Synthetic Biology Software


Computer Assisted Design (CAD) tools are ubiquitous in nearly all fields of engineering. They provide two primary functions: simplifying common tasks and making designs convenient for communication and evaluation.  In electronics, the development of consistent suites of CAD tools is called Electronic Design Automation (EDA).  The spectacular success of EDA over the last 50 years […]

Gene Expression Systems


Computer Assisted Design of Gene Expression Systems Most bioinformatics software packages include sequence editors that facilitate the design and assembly of new DNA sequences. Automatic recognition of sequence features, identification of restriction sites, and tools to add sequence annotations help biologists visualize the different elements of the DNA sequences they manipulate. Software lets users switch […]

Single Cell Imaging

GenoSIGHT Overview

Measuring stochastic gene expression in individual cells Molecular and cell biologists have uncovered so many molecular interactions involved in the control of various aspects of the cell physiology that it is often no longer possible to comprehend these regulatory networks by relying on intuition and semi-quantitative reasoning. Mathematical modeling and software simulations are now essential […]

Altmetric scores of selected publications


Check out what people are saying about some of our most recent publications. Sort the table by number of FaceBook postings, Tweets, and Blogs talking about these publications. Get a more comprehensive view by running an Altmetric analysis of all the publications associated with my ORCiD profile:

Work in Progress

Pardon Our Mess Under Construction Sign

The journal club section of the site is currently undergoing a major revision. After trying very hard to make the Mendeley API work for us, we have given up. We now assessing the CrossRef Query Services to retrieve all the bibliographic data from the article API. Bear with us while we are working toward making this section […]

Web site featured on the Altmetrics Blog


This web site was featured in a Altmetrics blog post: Altmetrics in action: examples and feedback from data-savvy researchers I’d encourage you to read this entry. I learned a few things that I found interesting. I particularly liked the ORCiD App available at It is very convenient to check all my Altmetric data in one click: […]

DNA Synthesis


Modeling and optimization of gene synthesis DNA fabrication is the process of combining natural and chemically synthetized DNA fragments together in order to make larger DNA molecules that conform to computer-designed sequences. DNA fabrication includes gene synthesis; the process of assembling chemically synthesized oligonucleotides into double-stranded DNA fragments. DNA fabrication also includes more traditional activities, […]